Only 9% of plastics have been recycled

Of the 9 billion tons of plastic produced to date, only 9% has been recycled. An additional 12% was incinerated, and the remaining 79% still exists, whether in landfill or scattered on land or in the ocean. (UN Environment Report, 2018)

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The average American sends 4.4 lbs of trash to landfill every day

According to the EPA, the average American throws away 4.4 pounds of waste every day.  Of the waste generated, roughly 30% is packaging and containers, and 15% is discarded food. An additional 20% is durable and non-durable goods such as furniture, appliances and toys.

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More plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050

Despite efforts to escalate awareness of the plastics crisis in our world, packaging manufacturers expect to double production in the next two decades. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation estimates there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050.

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Since 1993

My Mission

Giving up plastic in your life is hard work! I’ve been on this journey for a couple years now and still feel like I have so much room for improvement. But every time I take on a new swap or change a wasteful practice, I am living the promise to tread lightly, consume less and live plastic free. It’s all about progress, not perfection.

My mission is to empower my community to make a difference and take control of the plastic pollution crisis with more stewardship, awareness and engagement. Together we can send a signal to product manufacturers everywhere that we will no longer accept linear distribution where containers, wrappers, baggies, bottles, caps, cases, cutlery and more end up in landfill or our natural environments after a single use.

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